Update for firmware

César Reyes creye004
Fri Jul 16 15:30:20 PDT 2004

I'am using a TrendNet TEW-16PC to test HostAP driver. I succeed loading it, 
but first i have to add tnhe lines of Id. to hostap_cs.conf.

When I load it the dmesg tells me that the card has a NIC Id. 0x8000, a 
primary firmware v0.3.0 and a station firmware 0.8.0.

I look on Jun Sun's home page for updates of these firmwares but he doesn?t 
have any.

- Are there updates for this NIC and firmwares??
- Is the 0x8000 NIC a PrismI card and no Prism2?? If so, how I could load 
the driver and make it work in master mode?

C?sar Reyes
Electronic Engineering Student
Universidad de La Frontera - Temuco, CHILE
creye004 at pinhue.ufro.cl

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