madwifi WPA

Derek Schuff schuffdl
Wed Jul 7 06:34:43 PDT 2004

> > Did I understand correctly that the same AP is actually working with
> > another client that is using Host AP driver? Would it be possible for
> > you to try the exact same wpa_supplicant version with these two drivers
> > to verify that the problem is indeed in the driver or driver interface
> > code of wpa_supplicant and not in some generic code that may have
> > changed during the last few weeks?
> Yes, that's correct. I've been using the hostap driver 0.2.2 and
> wpa_supplicant 0.2.2 on a Netgear MA401 for a while now on these same APs,
> with good results. I tried my CVS copy of wpa_supplicant with my existing
> 0.2.2 driver, and it did not work (failed very early in the process, with
> an error about an unsupported IOCTL, if I remember correctly.) I'll rebuild
> the driver from CVS and give that a try as well.

Update on this: I rebuilt the hostap driver from yesterday's CVS source and it 
seems to be working fine again.
Also, about the new AP sorting feature: I complained about the lack of  this 
before and saw in the changelogs that it was added. It also seems to work for 
me as well, so thanks very much for that :)


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