madwifi WPA

Derek Schuff schuffdl
Wed Jul 7 05:08:47 PDT 2004

> Either the AP does not receive the 2/2 message from the client (e.g.,
> because of decryption failing) or it does not like something in the
> message. If possible, I would like to see some debug/event log
> information from the AP. If not possible, I would at least need to know
> which AP this was (vendor, model, firmware version).

This is a Cisco AP1200, with IOS version 12.2(15)JA. I'll enable some 
debugging on the AP today and have a look. It may take some unraveling, as 
the authentication is handled by a different AP than the one I'm associating 
to (with Cisco's Wireless Domain Services), but I may disable that for now.

> Did I understand correctly that the same AP is actually working with
> another client that is using Host AP driver? Would it be possible for
> you to try the exact same wpa_supplicant version with these two drivers
> to verify that the problem is indeed in the driver or driver interface
> code of wpa_supplicant and not in some generic code that may have
> changed during the last few weeks?

Yes, that's correct. I've been using the hostap driver 0.2.2 and 
wpa_supplicant 0.2.2 on a Netgear MA401 for a while now on these same APs, 
with good results. I tried my CVS copy of wpa_supplicant with my existing 
0.2.2 driver, and it did not work (failed very early in the process, with an 
error about an unsupported IOCTL, if I remember correctly.) I'll rebuild the 
driver from CVS and give that a try as well.

Thanks for your help,


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