Questions about DLink card

T.J. Kniveton tj
Fri Jul 2 15:09:38 PDT 2004

<quote who="Jouni Malinen">
> D-Link DWL-650 Rev P1 does not have primary or secondary (station)
> firmware images in the flash and consequently, these will need to be
> loaded for the card initialization. See utils/hostap_fw_load for an
> example script for doing this. This has been discussed in quite a bit of
> detail on this mailing list before, so it should be quite easy to find
> more information.

You're right..there is quite a conversation throughout the last 6 months,
but little info. The one e-mail that helped me was in January:

I used this script, just using newer station firmware (1.7.4->1.8.3), and
it works. Thanks..


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