Question on Manual Scanning and Roaming

T.J. Kniveton tj
Thu Jul 1 17:48:58 PDT 2004

Hi again,

I have a couple of questions on host_roaming mode 2:

First, I should note that I am using the driver 1.2.1, only in client mode
(not AP mode), and my environment has a lot of 802.11 APs -- 8-12 visible,
on average.

1. If I follow the instructions at the end of the README, I can't get the
card to associate with either of the 2 APs I'm using. I have to put it
down into host_roaming mode 1, associate with one of the access points,
then go to mode 2, and then I can freely roam between the access points.

2. The card sometimes dissociates from the AP (giving a MAC of
44:44:44...), if it's idle for a couple of minutes. Don't know why this
is. Any hints?

3. I want to get the fastest possible dissociation/reassociation, so that
my L3 is down for the minimal possible time. I am testing this in userland
right now, by running a ping flood at 10ms intervals. I have 2 APs, one on
one interface of a freebsd box, and one on another. I run a tcpdump on
those two interfaces, to see when the pings are received.
  Right now, I'm seeing around 45-55ms between the last echo request on
IF1 and the first echo request on IF2. Has anyone gotten significantly
better times than this?


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