[Acx100-users] Re: Peer to peer networking?

Denis Vlasenko vda
Tue Aug 31 03:19:05 PDT 2004

On Tuesday 31 August 2004 12:26, Andreas Mohr wrote:
> > I recently bought a Dell Axim X30 with built-in wireless and Bluetooth.
> > So far I have managed to sync it with Evoution using the multisync and
> > synce softwares over a serial USB connection.
> >
> > What I would ideally like to do is be able to sync my PDA with my laptop
> > over wireless connection. My laptop uses DLink 650+ PCMCIA card and I am
> > using acx100-0.2.0pre8_plus_fixes_23 for it.
> >
> > 1. I understand that for the PDA to sync with the laptop, it would need
> > to establish a Peer-to-Peer connection. Does the current acx100 drivers
> > support that?
> Sure, I'm doing that all the time at home (with my Ad-Hoc notebook being
> the slave of my Ad-Hoc internet gateway master).
> I'm not entirely sure whether establishing an Ad-Hoc connection to an
> acx100 card works ATM.
> acx111 seems to have issues with beacons (no beacons are being sent!?),
> so I'd expect this card to have difficulties as an Ad-Hoc master...
> > 2. How difficult/easy would it be for me to be able to use my laptops
> > wired ethernet connection from the PDA through peer-to-peer wireless
> > connection between the PDA and the laptop. Illustration below:
> >
> > PDA <----"peer-to-peer wireless"----> Laptop <----ethernet----> Internet
> >
> > Can someone detail the minimilistic steps for achieving the above?
> Just set up the Ad-Hoc connection, then do masquerading via iptables.

Andreas, I am not an expert in Ad-hoc mode, but AFAIK in Ad-hoc mode
there is no Masters and no Slaves...

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