PATCH: wired eapol receive/send

Gunter Burchardt gbur
Tue Aug 31 01:58:38 PDT 2004


First patch to bring wired authentication with hostapd alive. This
patch enables hostapd to send and recieve eapol frames via ethernet.
Furthermore sta detection is implemented via dhcp for station which
didn't send eapol-start (like winxp supplicant).

In ieee802_11.c auth_get_sta() is implemented. I think this function
should move to hostapd.c . There are no 802.11 thinks in this function.
At the moment i declared this function to extern.

There is no port enable/disable function implemented in this patch. So
there is no access control on ethernet yet. Idle detection is also not
implemented. There is no way at the moment to get a station out of
hostapd. I will implement it later via arppings. 

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