Is it possible?

Piotr Dąbrowski piotrek
Thu Aug 26 23:17:42 PDT 2004


> I used the DLink DWL900AP+ for connection to ZComm Xi626 card with hostap
v0.2.4 and all works great. Now, I have installed the DWL900AP+ revC as AP
and DWL900AP+ revB as client and all works but I must install the fw3.07b2
(pre 3.10). Without this fw I cannot associate to this AP.
> If you use the revB, I think, there are some limitation about number of
connections on ethernet port. This limitation should not be in revC.
> Can you be more spceific with your configuration? (revisions, firmwares,

I have DLink DWL900AP+ revC2 and I try firmware 3.02 and 3.07


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