Is it possible?

Ondrej Zima amiandrew
Thu Aug 26 10:13:37 PDT 2004

Hi Piotr,

Piotr D?browski wrote:
> Hi!
> I am using HostAP form about 2 years (and thanks for Jouni for his very
> impressive work)
> with 8 connected wireless clients. It works great! But now I want to connect
> few clients trough DLink DWL-900AP+ (there is no other way).
> DWL-900AP+ is in "AP Client Mode" and it can connect to Host AP. I can ping
> the LAN address of the DWL-900AP+ from the Linux box. I have also three PC's connected to
> the LAN port of the DWL-900AP+ (over Ethernet) and they can ping the LAN address of the
> DWL-900AP+ also.
> But that is all. :(
> From Linux box I cannot ping the PC's that are attached to the LAN interface
> of the DWL-900AP+, and from PC's I cannot ping the Linux box with Host AP.
> Am I doing some mistake or it cannot work this way?
> I know, that if DWL-900AP+ is on both sides (one act as AP, and one as AP
> Client) it works well.

I used the DLink DWL900AP+ for connection to ZComm Xi626 card with hostap v0.2.4 and all works great. Now, I have installed the DWL900AP+ revC as AP and DWL900AP+ revB as client and all works but I must install the fw3.07b2 (pre 3.10). Without this fw I cannot associate to this AP.
If you use the revB, I think, there are some limitation about number of connections on ethernet port. This limitation should not be in revC.
Can you be more spceific with your configuration? (revisions, firmwares, etc..)

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