Hermes driver missing?

Giridhar Pemmasani giri
Thu Aug 19 17:38:01 PDT 2004

You are unnecessarily casting aspersions against everyone and
everything. If you have read documentation little more closely, you
would know that ndiswrapper-0.8 doesn't support WPA. 

FYI, all the cards you mentioned use the same chipset. If pciid is
same, then they are the same chipset. If you see the ndiswrapper wiki,
you will see that many other cards use the same chipset and all of
them work with the same driver (e.g., from Dell).

If you have issues with ndiswrapper about kernel crashes, you should
take them to ndiswrapper mailing list and give required information to
identify the problem instead of whining here.

In short: Instead of doing haphazard testing and drawing conclusions,
read the documentation. It will save your (as well as others') time.


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