Routing Problem within LAN

Yong Chu Eu Ñî×ÓÓÓ ceyong
Thu Aug 19 05:04:11 PDT 2004

                           FreeBSD 4.10 Router
                           vr0               rl0  
                           |                 |
                           |                 |    
                           |                 | 
                          eth0              eth0
                  Linux Access Point  Linux Access Point   
                     (HOSTAP 0.13)      (HOSTAP 0.13)
                           |                 |
                         wlan0             wlan0

Roaming notebook with Linux Kernel 2.4.22 with MIPL 1.0(Dlink Wireless
Card with acx100 driver)-

i setup a bridge(br0) between eth0 with wlan0 for each access point. The
problem i encounter is i cannot setup a routing between notebook with
access point. How i am going to setup a statix routing(gateway,ipv6
gateway) if my notebook need to roam  between this 2 access point(with
different IP address on each access point as gateway)? Since i setup the
bridge with not ip address on wlan0(even i set an ip address on it),i
cannot configure a routing from notebook to access point(error message
always said network unreachable). Anyone can help? Thanks!


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