WPA-PSK fails with Linksys WPC54Gv2 card and WRT54GS router

Jouni Malinen jkmaline
Wed Aug 18 20:25:26 PDT 2004

On Wed, Aug 18, 2004 at 03:52:02PM -0700, Michael Reilly wrote:

> I am using driverloader version 2.03 with my WPC54Gv2 card (TI chipset, not 
> broadcom) and am using WPA-PSK (wpa_supplicant-0.2.4).  It works perfectly 
> when the AP is a Cisco 1100 or 1200.
> But when I switch to a Linksys WRT54GS router it fails.  The same ndis 
> drivers under windows 2000 work fine so it looks like the WRT54GS is 
> capable of WPA-PSK.

I haven't tested WRT54GS, but WRT54G seems to be working fine with
wpa_supplicant. I would assume WRT54GS is quite close to WRT54G as far
as software on level concerning WPA authentication is concerned.

What firmware version are you using in the WRT54GS?

> I didn't save a copy of the log - I'll get it tonight.  However I recall 
> that is fails after step 2/4.  I think the WRT54G disconnects.

That is likely to mean that the authenticator did not like something in
the EAPOL-Key packet from the supplicant. If you get to msg 2/4, the
association seemed to have succeeded and at least the client is able to
receive EAPOL-Key frames from the authenticator.

> What should I look for tonight while debugging and capturing the logs?

I would like to see full debug log from wpa_supplicant (-dd on command
line and leave it on foreground). In addition, it would be useful to get
a sniffer log of the negatiation. Ideally, this would be from a wireless
sniffer (included IEEE 802.11 headers and all management frames in
addition to EAPOL-Key data frames); however, even a sniffer log from the
client host (e.g., tcpdump/ethereal dump from the wireless interface)
would be useful.

Debug log from the authenticator would of course be useful, but I don't
know whether that would be easily available from WRT54GS.

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