802.11 duplicate packet detection

raghu at sraamerica.com raghu
Fri Nov 21 12:30:59 PST 2003

Hi Jouni,

My setup, STAs & AP are using HostAP code.
I have multiple STAs sending UDP packets to AP.
Occasionally, I find lot of duplicate UDP packets at AP.

I guess any 802.11 duplicate packets
should be dropped at the link layer itself.
But when I looked at the code, especially 
hostap_80211_rx.c & hostap_wlan.h files,
I didnot find any received 802.11 packet cache in the code
but found only fragment cache.

I am probably looking at the wrong place.
Jouni, can you please point me in the right direction.

I am basically looking at the Duplicate packet detection
and recovery in HostAP driver code.


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