Bridging between WLAN interfaces

Jeff Meden blade
Wed Nov 19 12:36:07 PST 2003

When you say 'having trouble' what exactly do you mean?  I have used a
variety of platforms to bridge multiple interfaces.  It is sometimes
necessary to tweak the settings in brctl and hostap, because the card
itself by default acts like a bridge among the clients it controls, and
depending on usage you have to force the packets 'up' to the bridge
interface so they can be moved across.  My particular platform of
experience is Slackware, but it should be the same anywhere.  Hope this


Craig Thornton wrote:

>I am currently trying to set up a L2 bridge between 2+ wlan interfaces and
>am having a great deal of difficulty.
>My goal is to create a "repeater" node which is able to extend the coverage
>of a legacy infrastructure network.  To accomplish this task I have a RH8.0
>laptop with two wlan cards.  Wlan1 is associated with the legacy AP (managed
>mode) and wlan0 is in Master mode.  Wlan0 acts as an AP and also can
>participate in a WDS with other hostap nodes.
>Unfortunately, I am having trouble creating a L2 bridge between wlan0, wlan1
>and possibly wlan0wds0,1,etc.  I have tried using brctl, similar to the
>hostap readme file, and also the parprouted package.  Is there a way to
>bridge these interfaces without having to resort to proxy-arp and L3 host
>routes as in parprouted?
>What is the best way to create a L2 bridge between 2+ wlan interfaces on the
>same node?
>Thanks in advance!!
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