Bridging between WLAN interfaces

Craig Thornton thorntcw
Wed Nov 19 12:18:34 PST 2003


I am currently trying to set up a L2 bridge between 2+ wlan interfaces and
am having a great deal of difficulty.

My goal is to create a "repeater" node which is able to extend the coverage
of a legacy infrastructure network.  To accomplish this task I have a RH8.0
laptop with two wlan cards.  Wlan1 is associated with the legacy AP (managed
mode) and wlan0 is in Master mode.  Wlan0 acts as an AP and also can
participate in a WDS with other hostap nodes.

Unfortunately, I am having trouble creating a L2 bridge between wlan0, wlan1
and possibly wlan0wds0,1,etc.  I have tried using brctl, similar to the
hostap readme file, and also the parprouted package.  Is there a way to
bridge these interfaces without having to resort to proxy-arp and L3 host
routes as in parprouted?

What is the best way to create a L2 bridge between 2+ wlan interfaces on the
same node?

Thanks in advance!!




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