hostap and per-sta wep keys

Damian Gawęda dgaweda
Sat Nov 15 12:28:44 PST 2003


can anybody tell me how to implement a per-sta wep key mechanism that would not allow anyone without station-specific key in? here's config i thing should work:

prism2_param wlan0 bcrx_sta_key 1
hostap_crypt_conf -2t wlan0 ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff WEP s:key00
#set a permanent key mapping for user1
hostap_crypt_conf -p wlan0 00:50:FC:D1:02:F0 WEP s:key01
#set a permanent key mapping for user2
hostap_crypt_conf -p wlan0 00:50:FC:D1:02:F1 WEP s:key02

what is the key00 used for? can a station without an associated wep key (e.g. user3 with mac listed in the acl but not given his own wep key) authenticate using only the "main" key00?

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