no traffic on hostap, probably something else

Hugo Santos hugo
Sun Nov 16 03:43:51 PST 2003


I'm having a problem with my hostap setup, which probably isn't hostap 
related but maybe someone can help me. My hostAP setup works fine, my 
wireless clients are all able to connect to the AP and when i run a 
dhcpd on the AP they are also able to get an IP. The thing is, if i let 
rp_filter enabled the hostap box doesn't reply ARPs. I disabled 
rp_filter on the wlan0 interface and now ARP requests work fine, but 
all the traffic i send to the hostap box is somewhat rejected. I fire 
up tcpdump on wlan0 in the hostap side and i see all the requests but 
it never replies, is it icmp pings, tcp, whatever. Maybe i'm missing 
something? I'm running hostap in linux 2.4.22, my distribution is 
debian woody (3.0.1).

Thanks for the help,
Hugo Santos

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