AW: kismet, hostap, Prism2.5

wim at wim
Sat Nov 15 16:53:45 PST 2003

Hello Karl,
> > If you can do
> > that, so will kismet_hopper.
> Now here's the thing: There is no kismet_hopper. That functionality has
> been subsumed into the main program, I believe. Anyway, no such thing
> with Kismet 3.0.1.

Sorry for the delay, but where I can mail I don't have my laptop
and I can't mail from my laptop that I have elsewhere..

It appears that I have kismet 2.8.1 installed.
(It has a separate executable kismet_hopper that is meant to be called
 from kismet when you invoke it with the parameter '-H'.)

> Perhaps I should downgrade? The author does not respond to my emails :-(

I may try an upgrade? :-)

Wim Osterholt.

----- wim at -----

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