AW: kismet, hostap, Prism2.5

Auer, Karl James karl.auer
Tue Nov 11 16:35:28 PST 2003

Thanks, Wim.

I said:
> >I can't get lismet (a wireless sniffer) working with hostap. 
> >Kismet aborts with an error message saying that
> > "Set Frequency" is not supported.
> You need at least a working driver for your card. Hostap will 
> do fine, as will wlan_ng and others. Just verify that you can 
> indeed set the desired channels for your setup. (Iwconfig 
> wlan0 channelX for hostap;

Yep, no problems at all.

> If you can do 
> that, so will kismet_hopper.

Now here's the thing: There is no kismet_hopper. That functionality has
been subsumed into the main program, I believe. Anyway, no such thing
with Kismet 3.0.1.

Perhaps I should downgrade? The author does not respond to my emails :-(

> Then take care to not call it from a subshell where is might 
> not find a suitable tty to write to. From a plain login shell 
> you should do no more than just type 'kismet -H' <ret>'.

>From a root bash shell and in my (non-root) home directory, I run
"/usr/local/bin/kismet" (no arguments). *Everything* in the startup
output looks fine, except:

Error for wireless request "Set Frequency" (8B04) :
   SET failed on device eth0 ; Invalid argument

Now this is EXACTLY the message I get if I do "iwconfig eth0 channel 57"
or any other obviously bogus channel. Including channel zero. Hmmm. I
wonder if this is an off-by-one error in the newest version of Kismet?

Still hoping, K.

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