WG: kismet, hostap, Prism2.5

Auer, Karl James karl.auer
Tue Nov 11 18:31:04 PST 2003

I said:
> >I can't get lismet (a wireless sniffer) working with hostap.
> >Kismet aborts with an error message saying that
> > "Set Frequency" is not supported.

Wrong. What it said was that SetFrequency had an invalid parameter.

So I thought:
> Now this is EXACTLY the message I get if I do "iwconfig
> eth0 channel 57" or any other obviously bogus channel.
> Including channel zero. Hmmm. I wonder if this is an
> off-by-one error in the newest version of Kismet?

And that got me looking at the source code, and there I realised that if
the wrong list of channels is specified, obviously some of them will be
bogus. So I changed the channel list in kismet.conf and now it works.
Operator error, sort of :-)


Regards, K.

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