AW: kismet, hostap, Prism2.5

Auer, Karl James karl.auer
Sun Nov 2 16:43:22 PST 2003

> Whatever version of Kismet I have on my laptop from this 
> Spring works fine. Since it's dual boot I don't have the
> configuration handy  right now.  It's worked fine since
> 2002-10-12 and probably before.  You need to run the 
> kismet_hopper so the Prism card will hop channels.  As to the 
> error, I don't know.

Thanks - it's nice to know the combination should probably work. Your
mentioning channel-hopping led me to turn off channel hopping
(channel_hopping=false in the config file) and lo! Kismet starts.
However, the output is less than useful :-) It ends up saying "didn't
detect any networks" and exiting.
> I don't have any [Kismet config files]; I just start it
> (several of its binaries) from the command line.

That would make your version very different to mine; I have no
"kismet_hopper" binary, and setting up a config file is an essential
step in installing my version.

So, since I definitely do have a problem, I guess I need more detail.
Does anyone else have a config file for Kismet 3.0.1?

Thanks, K.

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