kismet, hostap, Prism2.5

Jason Boxman jasonb
Sun Nov 2 16:30:53 PST 2003

On Sunday 02 November 2003 19:25, Auer, Karl James wrote:
> Hi there.
> Any ideas? Should Kismet work with HostAP? The Kismet docs suggest it
> should, as do a couple of wireless FAQs, though the latter mention only 2,
> not 2.5...

Whatever version of Kismet I have on my laptop from this Spring works fine.  
Since it's dual boot I don't have the configuration handy right now.  It's 
worked fine since 2002-10-12 and probably before.  You need to run the 
kismet_hopper so the Prism card will hop channels.  As to the error, I don't 

> Thanks for any help you might be able to offer. If anyone is using hostap
> and a Prism2.5 card with Kismet, I'd love to see your working Kismet config
> files.

I don't have any; I just start it (several of its binaries) from the command 

> Regards, K.


Jason Boxman
Administrator TrekWeb.COM - Linux Pages

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