Roaming and WDS

Lei Chuanhua ch_lei
Thu Oct 31 02:42:04 PST 2002

in Wed, Oct 30, 2002 at 05:09:06PM -0700, john extra wrote:
> Thanx for the insight Jun!
> I hope my new understanding isn't too oversimplified...If roaming was really 
> only about ESSIDs then would it be safe to say that any AP that has support 
> for ESSIDs would allow clients to roam from AP to AP? So my clients could 
> roam from my netgear AP to my HostAP AP if on the same subnet with the same 
> ESSIDs and that's it?


Just make sure they are also on the same channel (Not sure what
happens if APs have the same ESSID but on different channel.  Hmm, looks
like an interesting experiment to do...)
===>I have tested this case, and it worked very well.

> I sure hope it's that simple...

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