Using "software" WEP encryption

Marcel Prisi marcel
Wed Oct 30 15:04:54 PST 2002

Hi again !

I finally successfully updated my Tekram PC400's to latest firmwares (1.4.9)
using Intersil's WinUpdate tool.

I then tried a ftp transfer from the machine running hostap in Master mode
(linux-2.4.20pre11 P233MMX) and a FreeBSD 4.7 server (Celeron 333) both
using the same PC400 cards, and got 543.7kB/s, both machines in the same
room ...

I then added 128bit wep encryption and transfered the same file ... 94.1kB/s
... well ... WEP seems to slow things really much !

As I am running v 1.4.9 of the card's firmware, hostap kindly used
hardware-based WEP encryption. Is there a way to revert to software-based
WEP encryption, in order to "benchmark" it ?

I think I'll finally fire up openvpn instead of WEP :-)

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