Measuring Handoff time transition

Victor Aleo victor.aleo
Tue Oct 29 02:47:15 PST 2002


I am trying to measure the handoff time transition in WLAN network with 
2 APs and 1 station. The problem I have is that when I force the handoff 
(executing "iwconfig wlan# kickmac ieee_mac_address_sta") I think the 
station tries to reassociate again with the same AP. Because of this, I 
do not allow the station to authenticate again with the same AP (by 
means of the ACL). But I still think this is not working because when 
the MAC layer handoff is produced there is an interruption of the 
communications of several seconds (from 1 to 3 seconds) and this is not 
permissible (typically handoff within WLAN networks should not be higher 
than 100 ms).

How can I avoid that the STA will request the reassociation with the 
same AP?

I have running for both the APs and the stations the Prism2-2002-05-1 
driver version.

Thanks a lot,


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