Mobile IP with hostap

Jharana Mehta jharana
Tue Oct 29 02:19:50 PST 2002

Hi Jouni,
We tested a Mobile IP setup built on the hostap driver. We used a
linksys WAP11 as an AP for the home network, and configured a laptop
with hostap as the AP on the Foriegn network using Linksys WPC11.
Bridging is enabled on the laptop and works properly. Our mobile Node is
a hostap WPC11 in Managed mode.
We are using the open source dynamics-0.8.1 as the mobile IP package and
using teh single FA model.
we find that the link quality is pretty good without mobile IP, but as
soon as we start mobile IP it deteriorates, with ping reporting too many
duplicate packets and internet access is also too slow. The hostap
driver is running in hostapd -dd mode, but it doesnt seem to indicate
any error.the hostapd is running on channel 11, and linksys WAP11 on
channel 1, and they are pretty far away from each other.
are there any particluar settings that i would have to tweak for a
better performance? what do you suggest?
thanks, Jharana


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