Disabling/modifying Auto-rate fallback

pfolk-hostap at gargtech.com pfolk-hostap
Thu Oct 24 11:28:16 PDT 2002

Hello all,

We've recently started using the HostAP driver in our WISP access points,
ane we're experienceing suboptimal performance (compared, for example, to
the same node operating in ad-hoc mode).  One thing that seems odd is we
get a lot of messages about the driver deciding to drop a client to 1mbit
instead of the normal 11mbit, despite the fact that the client's signal is
fine and its 11mbit packets are overwhelmingly getting through.  I've tried
playing with the prism2_param txratectrl with basically no success, and
I've tried pegging the clients at 11mbits (that results in no traffic getting

Can anyone give some hints regarding how to correct this issue?  Pointers
to possibly-suboptimal code would be great.


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