About Dynamic-WEP Key in CISCO AP350 and Windows XP

HungLin hlchou
Thu Oct 24 09:25:54 PDT 2002

hi all....

 Do anybody know whether Windows XP and CSICO AP350 not follow "draft-congdon-radius-8021x-20.txt" ?

 When I sniffer the packet of CISCO AP350 in dynamic-Wep Key,I see my Windows XP received two EAPOL-Key packet.

 One is for BroadcastKey (WEP Index is 1)==> With Key field
 One is for SessionKey   (WEP Index is 131)==>Bit 8 =1 is for Session Key  and no Key Field

 And I modify Windows XP WLAN WDM Driver to monitor "OID_802_11_ADD_WEP" event.
 I see the Windows XP will change its Broadcast and Session WEP Key when receive those two EAPOL-Key Packet from CISCO AP350.
 So we know the CISCO AP350 can support Broadcast/Session Dynamic WEP Key .   
 But I couldn't make the same "Key Signature" and "Key" field as CISCO AP350 in EAPOL-Key packet.
 CISCO AP350 make those two field not follow "draft-congdon-radius-8021x-20.txt".(I guess.....)
 Do you have any idea about "Key Signature" and "Key" field?
 How could I make the same field vaule like CISCO AP350?.
 Could you give me any suggestion or document to achieve it?.       

 Very very very thanks for your help....... at _ at ..
 This bug trouble me for a long time........~_~


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