Switching between adhoc/master fails?

Gerald Britton gbritton
Mon Oct 21 19:39:08 PDT 2002

On Mon, Oct 21, 2002 at 04:27:13PM -0700, Mark Glines wrote:
> Hi, I've noticed an odd problem with a Prism2.5 PCI card... here's what
> I do to cause it.
> Ad-hoc mode works fine, consistently.  It's just that I can't switch into
> it without breaking access-point mode from that point forward.  Is there
> a way to switch back without having to reload the driver entirely?  Does
> this issue exist for other versions of hostap and/or firmware?

I've recently had a similar problem.. putting the card into managed mode
then clearing the essid (associate to anything), it all works fine.. if the
card then tries to change back to master or into monitor mode, things all
lock up.  reloading the card fixes it.  if i beat on it for a while, hostap
decides to reset it and it works too.

				-- Gerald

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