Switching between adhoc/master fails?

Mark Glines mark
Mon Oct 21 16:27:13 PDT 2002

Hi, I've noticed an odd problem with a Prism2.5 PCI card... here's what
I do to cause it.

I load the hostap driver (version 2002-10-12).  The card has secondary
firmware version 1.4.2, so I download secondary firmware 1.5.6 into RAM.
I iwconfig it for mode master, channel 11, essid test423, and so forth,
and ifconfig it up with an IP address.  It works fine, other stations can
come on as clients and talk to it.

But when I type "iwconfig wlan0 mode adhoc", and
"iwconfig wlan0 mode master" again, it ceases to work.  Nothing I
try short of reloading the driver/firmware again seems to fix it.

I can't figure out why.  Is this a known issue?

Ad-hoc mode works fine, consistently.  It's just that I can't switch into
it without breaking access-point mode from that point forward.  Is there
a way to switch back without having to reload the driver entirely?  Does
this issue exist for other versions of hostap and/or firmware?

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