hostap, DWL-520, Soekris net4201

Paul Komarek komarek
Thu Oct 17 08:10:44 PDT 2002


I'm just getting started with a DWL-520 in a net4501 for use with hostap.
Which power supply did you switch to?  I have the 'default' power supply
recommend by Soerin.

-Paul Komarek

> Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 13:03:52 +0200
> From: Jacques Caron <Jacques.Caron at>
> Subject: Re: D-Link DWL-520 hangs machine.
> I have the same card running in 7-year old Pentium 90 system, which I
> pretty much doubt is PCI2.2 compliant. And it works flawlessly with
> FreeBSD.
> Note however that:
> - I've seen reports that there are actually different versions of the same
> card, which might have different behaviors in terms of compatibility;
> - I've had trouble with the same card in a Soekris box (Net4501) until I
> changed the power supply. The problems were a lot of "wi_cmd: timeout"
> and similar messages which hung the machine for a few seconds each time, and
> random complete hangs. So it looks like having not enough power or
> similar problems can cause quite some issues. This was also with FreeBSD.

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