Card works - Was: Re: D-Link DWL-520 hangs machine.

Fulmer, John JFulmer
Wed Oct 16 07:39:21 PDT 2002

I found all my issues with the DWL-520 were PCI IRQ conflicts (the
DWL-520 doesn't like all).

Just my 2 cents.


On Wed, 2002-10-16 at 09:16, Sam Tilders wrote:
> I updated the machine to mandrake 9.0 and thus kernel 2.4.19. The machine no 
> longer hangs when i "modprobe hostap_pci".
> Side note: I tried the prism2_pci driver in this new install as well, it fails 
> when it tries to load the pcmcia card services... 
> Did have some issues with modprobe though. Using "modprobe hostap_pci" 
> fails... but using insmod to load the modules one at a time works fine. (Yes 
> I did run "depmod -a" first).
> so "modprobe hostap_pci" fails with "init module: No such device"
> but 
> "insmod hostap_crypt; insmod hostap; insmod hostap_pci"
> works fine.
> It now shows in ifconfig and the wireless tools can read the parameters.
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> -- Sam
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