no more hslv format ?

Jim web web at
Mon Apr 30 05:56:30 PDT 2018

I've been discussing the 'loss' of the 1280x720 25fps version with someone
at the BBC.

IIUC this stemmed from 'Red Bee' days of yore, and until recently people at
the BBC had thought they had stopped it long ago. Someone apparently
noticed recently that it was still available. And then actually disabled
it. Hence the mysterious recent ending of its availablity.

I have made the point that the 1280x720 25fps version is useful for people
with a content 'cap' problem, etc, so will be missed because the 50fps
version means somewhat bigger files and/or stream rates. But I doubt this
will cause a rethink.

That leaves me currently in a dither between fetching the 1280x720 50fps
and running it though a frame rare conversion or giving up and making do
with the 960x540 version(s). It has also set me wondering about arranging
for gip to fetch to ram storage and then convert that into a file on my
main disc. (The machine I use does have 8GB of ram, mostly free when I am
fetching things in the morning.) Anyone have experience of doing this, file
by file?

What I have in mind is a process of

1) Use gip to get a 50fps file saved to ram.

2) Get ffmpeg to convert that into a 25fps version on main disc.

3) Delete the file in ram

4) Loop back to (1) for the next file on the list.

I can avoid a 'cap' as I do all the fetching before the 9am start of our
'metered' period. The above should reduce wear and tear on my main disc (an
SSD). But I don't know how feasible it might be. Comments?...


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