no more hslv format ?

chris chery chrischery at
Wed Apr 18 07:48:26 PDT 2018

hi i m in france
I just try to download hamlet  again to see if i could get the hlshd1 format 
,which I did get  but all other download attempts gave me hvfxsd1
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From: Paul Thornett
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Subject: Re: no more hslv format ?

Just because I'm interested, where are you located (I'm in Australia)? And 
how come you need to download a 2nd time?

I downloaded Hamlet in hlshd format. It's 3.2Gb, and I'm happy to share it 
with you if you like. I could also reduce its size using any parameters you 

  Paul Thornett

On Wed., 18 Apr. 2018, 21:55 chris chery, <chrischery at> wrote:

whatever happened on or arounf friday 13 th april when I downloaded  hamlet
in hlsv 1200*720 25fpsand now when all I get is  the Hvfxsd1format 960*540
Trying to redownload hamlet  i do get the hlsv size but no such luck with
any other progammes
 i am outside the uk
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> That's interesting and odd. With the --info option I don't see the
> hlsxx options nor the hvf... one, but I can certainly download the
> hlsxx one!
> Regards,
> Paul Thornett
> On 18 April 2018 at 20:41, RS <richard22j at> wrote:
>> On 18/04/18 11:05, Paul Thornett wrote:
>>> As a matter of interest, how do I check if hls is available for a
>>> particular file? I thought --info would show this, but using this
>>> option on "Ordeal by Innocence Episode 1" does not reveal the
>>> availability of the hlshd stream, even though it is there.
>> This is what --info gives me for that episode.
>> modes:          editorial:
>> dvfhd1,dvfhd2,dvfsd1,dvfsd2,dvfxsd1,dvfxsd2,dvfxhigh1,dvfxhigh2,
>> dvflow1,dvflow2,hlshd1,hlsvhigh1,hvfhd1,hvfhd2,hvfhd3,hvfsd1,hvfsd2,
>> hvfsd3,hvfxsd1,hvfxsd2,hvfxsd3,hvfhigh1,hvfhigh2,hvfhigh3,hvfxhigh1,
>> hvfxhigh2,hvfxhigh3,hvfstd1,hvfstd2,hvfstd3,hvflow1,hvflow2,hvflow3,
>> subtitles1,subtitles2,subtitles3
>> [line breaks inserted]
>> I have just noticed that the only HLS modes are hlshd1 and hlsvhigh1. For
>> the other two episodes there were only DVF and HVF modes.
>> Best wishes
>> Richard
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