GiP trying to download incorrect PID

tellyaddict tellyaddict21 at
Sun Apr 29 17:52:28 PDT 2018

Yes as James rightly says, there can be multiple vPIDs with any PID. You can see from looking at your output that World Championship Snooker Extra: 2018 - 8. Day 8 (b0b1y57h) has at least 2 vPIDs associated with it. You've got the Original version (b0b1y54f) and the Shortened version (b0b1zhhq).

> Nick Payne wrote:
> > I've noticed this now a couple of times on different downloads - I give
> > GiP a PID on the command line, and it errors out on a different PID
> > number.
> The PID you provide on the command line represents the main program 
> entity, in this case, "World Championship Snooker Extra, 2018, Day 8". 
> Using that PID you can load the program page in your browser, and GiP 
> can get information about it.
> There is, however, no media associated with that PID.  Each program can 
> have multiple versions, and the main PID is not assumed to represent one 
> single version.  For example, a TV episode might have an original 
> version, a version which has been edited, a version which carries audio 
> description for the blind, and yet another version which carries sign 
> language.  A radio episode of The Archers might have an original 
> broadcast version and an edited, podcast version.
> Each version is represented by yet another PID, so when GiP reports that 
> it had a problem downloading a PID different to what you gave it, it's 
> reporting that it failed to download a specific version.  If a program 
> has multiple versions, or you want a particular one, you can supply it 
> by name on the command line using the --versions parameter.

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