GiP trying to download incorrect PID

James Scholes james at
Sun Apr 29 13:06:24 PDT 2018

Nick Payne wrote:
> I've noticed this now a couple of times on different downloads - I give
> GiP a PID on the command line, and it errors out on a different PID
> number.

The PID you provide on the command line represents the main program 
entity, in this case, "World Championship Snooker Extra, 2018, Day 8". 
Using that PID you can load the program page in your browser, and GiP 
can get information about it.

There is, however, no media associated with that PID.  Each program can 
have multiple versions, and the main PID is not assumed to represent one 
single version.  For example, a TV episode might have an original 
version, a version which has been edited, a version which carries audio 
description for the blind, and yet another version which carries sign 
language.  A radio episode of The Archers might have an original 
broadcast version and an edited, podcast version.

Each version is represented by yet another PID, so when GiP reports that 
it had a problem downloading a PID different to what you gave it, it's 
reporting that it failed to download a specific version.  If a program 
has multiple versions, or you want a particular one, you can supply it 
by name on the command line using the --versions parameter.


James Scholes

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