Cannot play downloads from get_iplayer!

iz ilainftw at
Tue Apr 17 23:25:58 PDT 2018

On Wednesday, 18 April 2018, Paul Thornett <pthornett at> wrote:
> So the question is: what is QuickStream Fix doing that Handbrake can't?

It is doing what I told you to do, remux your .mp4 to .ts. You can do
it with ffmpeg, and no doubt with other tools. Transcoding with
Handbrake will not help if you still produce a file incompatible with
your hardware. Since you don’t have access to HLS streams, you have to
fix up the video from DASH streams to be compatible with your player.
Nothing has changed with the stream formats. You’re just not getting
all the streams you did before. I’m guessing you’re not in the UK.

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