Cannot play downloads from get_iplayer!

Paul Thornett pthornett at
Tue Apr 17 19:32:43 PDT 2018

I haven't expressed myself well.

My PVR is able to play .mkv, .mp4, .ts, .mpg, etc. I infer its
preference for .ts files from the fact that when the current entry in
a list of videos/movies is a .ts file, it is able to display length
and other data.

I was wrong in my earlier post. I have transcoded a couple of
different GIP download attempts using Handbrake, and the problem
remains - I still cannot see any video (and I am really suprised by

Before I discovered GIP's --raw setting a few months ago, my prefs
contained no preferred modes, so presumably the --tvmode=best was
implied. Then, of course, I was getting .mp4 files, all of which
played perfectly. So it seems to me that something in the BBC's
formatting has changed recently; but that change has apparently been
picked up only by my PVR (which seems rather unlikely).

Paul Thornett

On 18 April 2018 at 07:12, iz <ilainftw at> wrote:
> On 17 April 2018 at 16:24, Paul Thornett <pthornett at> wrote:
>>   --tvmode = best (results in dvfxsd1)
> It seems hvf streams are not available to you for some reason. They
> would spare you this headache. Otherwise, just re-mux your .mp4 to .ts
> (mpeg-ts). You can then re-mux back to .mp4 if necessary. Worked for
> me with QuickTime and Apple TV, which have the same limitation.

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