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> On Mon, Aug 24, 2015 at 09:53:49AM +0100, Jim web wrote:

> > FWIW and IMHO The problem is that the BBC pages are generated by
> > people who have no clue about using simple basic HTML and take for
> > granted what browsers. etc, people will use.

> This is not the case. They have clue, but they think that supporting the
> 99.9% of people who use something vaguely modern is more important than
> catering for people who deliberately crippled their own experience.

Well, this isn't the place to argue about it at length. But in fairness the
people I know at the BBC simply aren't that deberately arrogant. However I
don't know if the relevant people simply don't realise that many may choose
to disable JavaScript, etc, for various reasons.

Afraid presenting arguments like "vaguely modern" is the kind of rhetoric
employed by politicians wanting to cloud the real issues.

It also fails to deal with factors like sending page layout, etc, designed
for phones to desktop machines.

No point in repeating here what I and others said beyond that. Take it to
the newsgroups if you want to argue.


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