Bug: -u updates get_ipayer(.pl) only in v2.91 > v2.92

Howard Orgel Howard.Orgel at orgels.demon.co.uk
Sun Mar 15 11:46:13 PDT 2015


Thank you for all your hard work with this latest release.

However, there appears to be a bug in the in-program update code:
When I invoked "get_iplayer -u" to update from v2.91 to v2.92 on the day
of release, the Windows installer having not yet been updated, only one
file, "get_iplayer.pl" was updated.  I expected three files, additionally
"get_iplayer.cgi", and "get_iplayer.1".  Is this intended, or is it a bug.
I have updated these files manually from Git Master.
Using Win32.

Regards, Howard.

Howard.Orgel at orgels.demon.co.uk
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