radio sample rates.

J K.Eason mail at
Sun Mar 15 08:29:00 PDT 2015

Read the 2.92 release notes at and see if
that answers your questions.

> *From:* Jim Lesurf <web at>
> *To:* get_iplayer at
> *Date:* Sun, 15 Mar 2015 15:10:48 +0000 (GMT)
> I've just noticed a curious change and wondered if others have 
> encountered it or know the reason.
> This is all for *sound radio*, not TV...
> Until about a week ago the files I fetched using gip all share the 
> 44.1k sample rate I also get using the BBC's Flash plugin with
> FireFox.
> However recently I've noticed that some of the radio files have a 
> 48k sample rate. Although the same programs using the Flash + FF RTMP 
> route show up as 44.1k still.
> I'm still using gip 2.91 as I've not yet updated to 2.92, although 
> I'll do that shortly. Afraid that since I've only recently noticed
> the  above change I don't know if it might have co-incided with my
> adopting 2.91 or not.
> In case anyone is curious, I can tell the sample rate because the 
> audio DAC I use indicates it. In general, it switches to 'follow the
> source'.
> For radio I use --type=radio --no-tag --pid <pid> and this seems to 
> get the 'best' results in general. Then allow gip to call avconv to 
> recontain with> the usual codec copy settings.
> Anyone encountered something similar or know why this has started 
> to occur?
> I'm wondering if the BBC are moving over to 48k sample rate for the 
> radio files and the Flash plugin or FF is causing this to be
> downsampled.
> Jim


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