radio sample rates.

Jim Lesurf web at
Sun Mar 15 08:10:48 PDT 2015

I've just noticed a curious change and wondered if others have encountered
it or know the reason.

This is all for *sound radio*, not TV...

Until about a week ago the files I fetched using gip all share the 44.1k
sample rate I also get using the BBC's Flash plugin with FireFox.

However recently I've noticed that some of the radio files have a 48k
sample rate. Although the same programs using the Flash + FF RTMP route
show up as 44.1k still.

I'm still using gip 2.91 as I've not yet updated to 2.92, although I'll do
that shortly. Afraid that since I've only recently noticed the above change
I don't know if it might have co-incided with my adopting 2.91 or not.

In case anyone is curious, I can tell the sample rate because the audio DAC
I use indicates it. In general, it switches to 'follow the source'.

For radio I use --type=radio --no-tag --pid <pid> and this seems to get the
'best' results in general. Then allow gip to call avconv to recontain with
the usual codec copy settings.

Anyone encountered something similar or know why this has started to occur?
I'm wondering if the BBC are moving over to 48k sample rate for the radio
files and the Flash plugin or FF is causing this to be downsampled.


Armstrong Audio
Audio Misc

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