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> See below ...


> >     But if someone else
> >     finds they can get *all* the Barenboim/Whitacre files as 
> >     1280x720 it would
> >     show immediately that I'm doing something wrong/sub-optimal.

> Prom 32 Whitacre:		01:59:09, 1280, 720
> Prom 44 Barenboim:	02:27:48, 1280, 720     

Yes, that looks like what I get for the "entire broadcast" files. But what
about the files for various individual works that were performed during
each Prom? Please note I said "all the *files*" above, not "all the Prom".

It occurs to me to clarify something which I missed at first.

The URLs I gave don't just provide links to HDTV files for the complete
broadcasts. They also give links for 'per work' files. And for some Proms
this actually includes items from the Prom that weren't broadcast over-air.
Mention this in case anyone else interested in the Proms hasn't spotted it.
You can get video of some of the works that weren't broadcast on BBC4 via


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