C E Macfarlane c.e.macfarlane at
Sat Aug 29 05:59:19 PDT 2015

Maybe should've given the command-line template used:

gip --type tv --tvmode flashhd,flashvhigh --pid <pid> --fileprefix
"BBC_Proms_-_2015_<nn>_-_<details>" -g

With Linux, as on my embedded NASs, I usually convert any accented letters
in the fileprefix to the nearest Latin equivalents, and then once it has
completed downloading rename the file from a Windows machine to give it its
final name complete with accents where appropriate.

>     Prom 32 Whitacre:		01:59:09, 1280, 720
>     Prom 44 Barenboim:	02:27:48, 1280, 720

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