Alan Milewczyk alan at
Sat Aug 29 04:06:04 PDT 2015

On 29/08/2015 09:50, Jim Lesurf wrote:
> I've been using gip to fetch various 'versions' of Proms and am often
> puzzled by inconsistencies. I'm not sure if this is down to the BBC
> system/team not working in the same way all the time or something down to
> the way I use gip, or what!
> Two examples. The Barenboim/WEDO prom, and the Whitacre Prom.
I wonder, Jim, whether this is part of the general inconsistency we've 
commented on previously - where sometimes you download a file and it's 
not the usual 1280x720 norm, but you go back a few days later and the 
higher definition file downloads. I've found this to be the case when 
specifying --tvmode=best whereas --modes=hlsvhigh gets the 1280x720 
version when it's available. Is it a case of server loading?


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