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Sat Aug 29 01:50:59 PDT 2015

I've been using gip to fetch various 'versions' of Proms and am often
puzzled by inconsistencies. I'm not sure if this is down to the BBC
system/team not working in the same way all the time or something down to
the way I use gip, or what!

Two examples. The Barenboim/WEDO prom, and the Whitacre Prom.

In each case you can via

get to the relevant page

Whitacre at


(Apologies for any typos. The above were transferred via pen-and-paper from
one machine/room to another!)

On each Prom's page there is a 'slider' of icons for various files
available. Some are of individial works/items, one of the whole HDTV

The 'as broadcast' files are generally 1280x720 which seems the norm. But
the per-work files seem to vary unpredictably. Some are 1280x720, others
are lower resolution. I can't work out any pattern in general. At first
from some other Proms I wondered if the reason was that items that were
*not* included in the over-air broadcasts were the lower resolution ones,
and broadcast ones were1280x720. But no, it doesn't fit that pattern.

Which leaves me puzzled. What's the reason? Is it that gip is having
trouble finding the highest resolution in some cases? Or is this just
sloppy work at the BBC? I'm using tvmode=best and in general that seems to
find high res OK.

FWIW I aim to ask at the BBC about this, but the people I know are
generally 'radio' not 'TV' so it may take a while to get a useful response
as - for understandable reasons - if the relevant person isn't on the
'radio' side they may be wary of talking to someone they haven't got to
know. Or, of course, simply be very busy. So I thought it work asking here
in case others *can* use gip to get 1280x720 for all the video files on the
above pages. (If you go exploring, note the R3 audio files are also listed
there, and that it isn't the case that the description says 'watch...' for
a video file!)

BTW I recommend both the above Proms! 8-]



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