loss of podcast feeds?

Peter Selley peterselley2 at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 13 01:59:32 PDT 2015

thank you both very much appreciate. I had located some of the
individual pids but the extra syntax restores some of the previous
functionality at least, albeit now much more complicated following the
Beeb's changes.
What I had found useful before was searching say, the In our Time
podcasts for a particular topic (has Melvyn done a programme on
Socrates say?) so inputting

 get_iplayer --type=podcast "socrates" --long

would locate any (as well as any other podcast series covering same
topic). But I think searches have to be more manual within podcast
series on the BBC iplayer website as far as I understand it.

I can also see it would be easy to download hundreds of podcasts one
wouldn't want by using the pid method. I think there is a way in GiP
to do a dummy run using the --pid=XXXXXXXX method...

On 13 August 2015 at 00:44, Vangelis forthnet
<northmedia1 at the.forthnet.gr> wrote:
> On Wed Aug 12 21:55:21 BST 2015, Peter Selley wrote:
>> Is anyone else having problems
>> getting podcast feeds at the moment?
>> (snip)
>> Currently this is what I get on linux mint xfce 17.2
>> (snip)
>> get_iplayer --type=podcast
>> (snip)
>> INFO: Getting podcast Index Feeds
>> .
>> INFO: 0 Matching Programmes
> Hi - in addition to what (most helpful) already posted
> by  George Eycott, see:
> (Podcast functionality broken by BBC:)
> https://github.com/get-iplayer/get_iplayer/issues/186
> created due to
> (podcast feed is not downloading:)
> https://squarepenguin.co.uk/forums/thread-501.html
> So, GiP crippled once again by the beeb's actions;
> unlike dinkypumpkin, I do not feel this was just a
> mere c*ck up - perhaps they felt, in their divine wisdom,
> that they'd given their podcast users ample time to
> (re-) subscribe to the new updated podcast feeds,
> so it was deemed appropriate to switch off the
> redirections from the defunct feeds (that GiP relied upon)
> to the updated ones (that GiP currently does not support /
> won't support in future...).
> So, our option now is to search on:
> http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts
> (scroll just about to the middle, where there's a
> "Find Podcast: " search bar - or do a
> BBCiPlayerRadio search on top of the page
> and filter the results by selecting the "Podcasts" tab;
> then you'll be sent to a page:
> http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/[podcastPID]/episodes/downloads
> where you'll be able to fetch individual episodes
> via the "Download MP3" buttons.
> On that same page you should see a "Subscribe"
> white button, click -> RSS should get you the
> updated feed in the form:
> http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/[podcastPID]//episodes/downloads.rss
> to be used however you please (e.g. in
> your personal download scripts).
> GiP tip:
> That [podcastPID] string I mentioned above (to be found via a
> manual search) is in fact a "Podcast series PID";
> I download "Annie Mac's Mini Mix"es, for this, podcastPID=p02nrtyg;
> using GiP 2.94, you can type a CLI command (or set up a PVR
> search) in the form of:
> get_iplayer --type=radio --pid=p02nrtyg --pid-recursive --modes=best
> --tag-podcast-radio
> and that will fetch every available "Mini Mix" podcast
> (not already in your history) in the M4A format; add
> "--mp3" switch in your command to get the MP3 files
> you used to when "--type=podcast" functioned...
> The GiP command posted, currently got me the 3
> episodes appearing on:
> http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02nrtyg/episodes/downloads
> Hope that helps somehow...
> Regards,
> Vangelis.
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