Sampling frequency on Radio programmes

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> Afraid I don't know at present. But I'll inquire and see what I can find
> out.

I've been told that the 48k -> 44.1k happens when acc is tapped out of the
distribution cache and converted to mp3. That's then fed back though the
cache and thence on to the user-facing servers. Apparently the general wish
of the device makers was for this as a 'lowest common denominator' to
maximise the number of 'legacy' devices that could accept the resulting
shoutcasts. So aac -> mp3 transcode and the rate change are done in the
same process.

In essence, AIUI it happens before the user-facing servers but after the
aac generation.

As I think the French (almost!) say. "It's not magnificent. It's a railway
station!" 8-]


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