Sampling frequency on Radio programmes

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> As an interim solution, the AF team replaced the
> killed live streams with ShoutcastMP3 ones. These, again, target
> Internet Devices, but you can listen to them in the software player of
> your choice that supports Shoutcast (listening to R1 at the moment:
> on WinAmp).
>  These live ShoutcastMP3 streams have a SR of just 44.1kHz, so
> downsampling takes place along the line - I can't tell if it's done
> in-house at the BBC prior to sending them to the Limecast server or
> whether the server itself is configured to downsample on-the-fly (?). Do
> you (or your contacts) happen to know why this downsampling is
> needed/performed?

Afraid I don't know at present. But I'll inquire and see what I can find



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