Problems downloading programs which are shown multiple times

Rochford, Steve s.rochford at
Wed Apr 22 12:17:12 PDT 2015

Is there a problem with the way the XML files of programmes available are parsed? (I'm using version 2.92 on Ubuntu 14.10). Apologies for a long post on my first email but I hope it's clear.

For example, I want to download the programme Tatau on BBC3. I tried downloading using the PVR function but it didn't get downloaded.

I tried doing:

get-iplayer | grep Tatau

and that showed me that the programme was available. I next tried to manually download using:

get-iplayer --get 9999 (using the number shown in the command above) and it failed. It also failed when I tried to do get-iplayer --pid b05rkp8g but nothing happened.

I turned on verbose messages and got a bit more information - get-iplayer says that the programme is in the future.

get-iplayer fetches the file and parses it (I'm afraid my Perl is not good enough to know exactly what it's doing!)

If I just open the file in a text editor I can see that there are several occurrences of the programme - it's repeated multiple times in the week. It looks as if get-iplayer is getting the details for the last showing of the programme which is in the future but it has already been shown and is available for download.

If I look at the tv.cache file I can see that it's listing the programme as 

If I delete the tv.cache file and download using the PID then it works fine so I know there's nothing wrong with the download functionality; it's just a problem with working out if it's actually not yet been shown or if it's been shown and will be shown again.

Is there an option to say "try and fetch even if it looks as if it's not yet been shown" or any other way to make it fetch programmes like this which are shown multiple times in a week?

Looking at the data, there's a field "first_broadcast_date" and another "available_until" so I'd guess if "now" is in between those dates then the programme is available to download.

Thanks for any help you can give.


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